What do you choose to do? Evening or morning meditation?

Ma Wenn Y.
Morning, as the first thing after waking up. Otherwise sometimes things would come up during the day and I was tired in the evenings and skip it.
Terrance Q.
Actually, I prefer first-thing-in-the-morning mediation by far, but as my one-year old wakes up whenever she hears my alarm, I can only meditate on the evening (or on the rare occasion that I wake up before my alarm๐Ÿ˜œ).
The reason I prefer morning mediation is that:
A) I'm well-rested, so won't fall asleep (like I often do in the evening).
B) My mind is still empty, so I get distracted less easily.
C) I thecab take focus into my day
D) Being relaxed while getting into rush hour is lovely
E) I can set my intention for the day before meditating. Then, if needed, I can do an analytical meditation on the subject of my intention. Then take the intention into the day
Beverley Y.
I usually meditate in the early morning as the start should be as positive as possible, however my days are stressful sometimes depressing, so I add as many sessions as I can during the day.
Before I fall asleep, I normally sum the day and listen to my feelings.
Good luck ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค—
Arif E.
Morning mediation. I found the morning enabled me to set myself up for a productive day while also giving me some clarity and inspiration to get moving, especially on bad days. While evening mediation was valuable (and it was also a bit easier to concentrate without my impending day creeping in) I found more value in the morning sessions
Christian P.
I prefer a morning meditation to start the day. It helps provide transparency for my day ahead as well as the mindset to navigate it.