What’s a good way to focus on meditating and not on everything else?

Toni J.
Just come back to the breath or another chosen anchor point. Focus isn’t flawless execution. It’s simply coming back. Focus is coming back when we realize we’re distracted on anything and everything else.
Ethan F.
I really don’t know, is the first time I’m trying to meditate. I just set the alarm and set myself in a confortable position, close my eyes and get focus on my breadth, if I feel like it, I choose a stretching position so I stretch at the same time.
Elya Y.
Set time for meditation. Remember the benfits of meditation. Remember that it takes only few min and can be done anywhere.
Carter C.
i̫t̫'s̫ b̫e̫s̫t̫ t̫o̫ m̫e̫d̫i̫t̫a̫t̫e̫ w̫i̫t̫h̫ a̫ v̫o̫i̫c̫e̫ r̫e̫c̫o̫r̫d̫i̫n̫g̫ t̫o̫ g̫u̫i̫d̫e̫ y̫o̫u̫ t̫h̫r̫u̫(f̫o̫r̫ b̫e̫g̫i̫n̫n̫e̫r̫s̫)!!!
Victor Y.
I find it best to focus on a single idea or area – like your breath or a goal you have.
Diving deeper into the thought while meditating is perfectly fine. It's impossible to have no thoughts and mastery comes from being away of these other thoughts coming into your mind and bring your attention back to the idea.
Ethan X.
Pick a set time and set it aside to sit, focus on the breath and even if your mind is busy just take the time to sit. Also try using an app for guidance – personally I like calm but others find different ones help
Olivia W.
I choose a calm space (can even be the bathroom) and make sure I won't get disturbed. Then… sometimes the mind is busy, sometimes it’s calm, but to know the calm is always there under the layers of stress and angst works for me – just accepting whatever state the mind is in at a given point in time.

Good luck on your journey.

Victor Z.
Hi, my recommendation would be first of all try to find a quiet time to do it, when you know you won’t be interrupted. And while you’re meditating just try to keep your mind silent, of course thoughts will come to mind, but just don’t encourage them, not even by being stressed about something distracting you. If a thought pops up just acknowledge it and let it go until you begin to get used to not having those thoughts. Don’t fight it, just let go.
Kim O.
I started by using an app called Ten Percent.
1. Make time.
2. Start with short periods of time like 2-5minutes per meditation session.
3. Focus on your breath.
4. If you notice your mind wandering…go back to focusing on your breath.

You’ll get better and you’ll thank yourself later!

Olivia C.
Be patient with yourself. Dont focus on how much your mind wanders. Take time to appreciate when you are able to being your focus back within. Start in a quiet room with no distractions if possible. And sit somewhere comfortable with your back up straight. I love the guided meditation coaching in the app. Good luck. Namaste
Albane E.
Practice practice practice. The purpose of meditation is not to stop thinking, that is impossible, but rather to acknowledge your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and let them go. This requires practice, every day. I would strongly recommend using the Calm app for meditation. The guided sessions are very helpful.
Louis S.
start by counting your breath, but only inhales or exhales up to 10 and then start over. later you can start focusing on different body regions and try to feel every toe, your feet, lower than upper legs and so on. the more regular you meditate, the better it gets, 10-15 min every day is a good start and after a while it becomes second nature.
Lillie O.
A good way that works for me (but takes a long time of practice) is that whenever you think on something, focus on it and then let it go. Write it down if necessary. That way you know that you’ll be able to remember it by looking at what you wrote.
Vida L I.
Set the time for when you will have the least distractions. That way you have a little more control over your environment.
David I.
Just focus on you’re breathing and take the time to go through every detail of meditation and you will be able to understand the meaning of everything.
Selma C.
Focus on your breathing. Breath in counting to 4, feel your stomach inflate, hold for 2 and breath out to the count of 4 feeling you stomach deflate. Repeat.
Absal O A.
Practice. As with anything, learning to let everything go and simply focus on mediation takes time and effort. You may also find that you utilize meditation differently than others. For me, meditation has become a gateway to sleep.

You may also find guided meditation easier to work with in the beginning. Focus on the speaker, but also don't worry about your thoughts straying. If they do, just recognize it, accept it, and return your focus to the speaker.

Christy T.
Make sure you don’t have anything to do for the next 30 minutes after you meditate. And do it every day for at least 5 minutes.
Ronny E.
Focus on your breathing. Get curious about it; what does it feel like when you inhale, when you exhale, where do you feel it most, in your belly, your chest, your throat. Or you can focus on how your body feels sitting. The trick is to focus your thinking on something, not stop yourself from thinking. If you do get lost in thought, no problem – the fact that you become aware that you got lost in thought is great, it means you are focusing. Just start again – focusing on your breathing, etc. Hope this helps.
Oscar C.
I have never really meditated until downloading this app. I have added it to my morning routine and I use the recorded sessions that the app has. My mind does wander while I am meditating but I try to get back to what I’m doing and focus on the voice in the recording. I do feel relaxed while I’m doing it and hope to continue to get better at it the more I do it. We need to take time for ourselves each day. Life can be so stressful. Good luck on your journey!
Everaldo Z.
For starters you could start by counting your breath( inhale as 1,exhale as 2 and so on).As you get used to the rhythm then you can start by concentrating on meditation