What’s better than meditation?

Richard Z.
This is a bit like asking “what’s better than physical activity?”. Meditation is mental practice that allows us to improve our mental hygiene, the same way physical activity is a way to improve our body and energy levels.
There are many different types of meditation (I do vipassana mostly) and different people might like different styles, so maybe just like you want to find the right type of sport to stay fit while enjoying the activity you might want to explore different styles to see what best suit you.
I like vipassana because it doesn’t require belief systems attached to it, it’s very simple yet not easy, can be done in any situation/environment and I like the apps I am using for it (ten percent, and waking up).
So I guess a way to rephrase the question is “what other activities can complement meditation?”. Similarly to how to you would add a better diet to improve your physical shape, there are other things you can do to improve your mental “performance”. The best options I can think of are keeping a journal (writing forces to more precisely develop a concept), practicing gratitude and creating feedback loops around you.

Laura Z.
Well, in my point of view a day spending in nature is better than anything. It clears your mind and helps you focus to the present moment.

Louis Y.
There is nothing better than meditating meditating as a part of nature when we get into home when I most inner self and almost higherside when we can reach the connection what does peril I am what I'm saying with the things that we don't see

Alison E.
Meditation is broad, it can be guided, imaginative, silent and mindful. There is nothing better than being present and meditation can help you do that. But if there are other ways that help you do that, then you should explore them. Like colouring. Listening to nature sounds, whatever helps you practice living in the here and now.

Ludovico A.
I’m not sure what’s worse or better than meditation. It must depend on what you want.
I get the benefits of meditation by being outside, walking or running.
I also find practicing swimming is a mindful exercise, I have to really concentrate on my breathing and be purposeful in my movement. The repetitive nature of swimming practice has me living on the present.
You could put music on and really listen to it.
I hope that helps.