Why do you choose to meditate? Is it because of how it makes you feel?

Jared Reid
Yes. After a while my focus gets better and also my reactions to difficult situations. It helps me be less reactive. It also opens up space in my thoughts for new ideas.

Mathys Gauthier
Mostly because it sounds cool. Life is about being trendy and up to date on fads. who cares about how it makes you feel. If other people think its cool then you need to do it.

Lesa Bowman
It calms my anxiety and helps me out a stop to the whirlwind of thoughts that keeps me from sleeping. I meditate to become healthy and at ease

Loris Boyer
It helps me recenter. Sometimes when we get too busy with our lives we sometimes lose our perspective and do things on auto pilot. Tm

Sheryl Bailey
It is because it makes me feel wonderful each time I finish it and open my eyes. I am more aware of my thoughts and feelings as well. I learn how to notice the thoughts but do not act on them. It’s all wonderful work once you get into it

Lukas Garcia
Meditation calms me and helps me to focus. It lessens anxiety and has anti aging effects. So in short yes I meditate because of how it makes me feel

Amber Stone
I believe it is good to quiet your mind at least once a day in order to train your mind to naturally be more calm. Yoga also acheives this for mem!

Ria Nguyen
I choose to meditate because my days are full of stress. When I meditate, all that stress goes away and just focus on myself and my goals. It helps answer why I am doing this.

Livio Olivier
It's not only an emotional thing.

It may take a few sessions before you can quiet your mental noise, but there is actual evidence that meditation can help calm the nervous system and reduce stress.

There are numerous meditation apps available. If possible, I recommend Meditation Studio from Muse. The app includes a 10-day tutorial.

Keith Walters
I am just beginning to meditate. It is something that comes up briefly in my yoga classes and I want to get better at it. Sometimes my mind is so active that I can’t sleep or focus on getting things done during the day. I am hoping the with practice, meditation can remove the mental chaos and therefore, the daily stress of work and life.

Jovito Cardoso
i meditate to become more connected to the present moment and to myself in it. as opposed to living in the past or present

Suzanna Rodriquez
Becouse it calms me down and train me to listen to my body during the day. In the long run, I hope it helps me to better control my emotions.

Augustin Lacroix
Because I was easily disturbed by my crush’s actions and decided to try something new to became more calm, and it worked and stuck.

Undina Da Cunha
I choose to meditate In both good and bad-feeling times. For me, it allows me to bring my attention inward and give myself a chance to check-in with my body and spirit. I find that it helps me to appreciate the good things that occur or that I choose to partake in, and steer away from a negative entity more readily, and with less and less guilt (I.e what someone else will think of me if I say “no.”). If one was to only meditate in a bad time, I don’t feel like the mental growth that it comes with would or could happen fully, or as quickly. I equate it to going to the therapist; you can’t only go when you’re feeling depressed. The good days allow you to step into your mind and take a look around. Good days are important, and taking a second to have a look inward will strengthen your connection between mind, body and spirit, as well as your patience level with yourself and your trust for yourself to make better decisions that won’t put you in a hole.
I love meditating.