How long did it take you to be able to meditate without your mind wandering?

Mataya P.
It did not take very long. A lot of time I would force myself ro focus on sleep during the night which wasn't good. Now I now to let my mind wander and I can collect focus anytime I need. 🙂
Clara Z.
For me, the longest one was 1 hour with relaxing music that looped over and over again. It feels different when you put on relaxing music while doing mediation.
Ana Z.
I think somwhere about 10 minutes. However, to reach a level of peace and stillness you have to put hours of practice into this
Nanna U.
Hi .

In breathing and body scan practices, I am able to more or less quite able to concentrate. But in others like Altruism, Loving Kindness and others, Meditation is difficult for me. But , the thing here is, the more you practice, the better you become at controlling your thoughts. It doesn't matter for how long you are able to do it because for an untrained mind, thoughts will arise continuously. What matters is whether able to bring it back gently to your practise. It improves over time with consistent practice. Who knows, you might even become better than me in the rest of the practices! Haha !

Take Care. 😄

Herbert N.
Not that long probably about a minute or two but later on as i continue to meditate I was able to relax and clear my head
Jonathan P.
I don't think my mind doesn't wander. My meditation practice has been about just acknowledging the thoughts and coming back to my center. Rooting myself in my breath and foundation.
Brent J.
My mind still wonders but if I just focus on my breathing and relaxing then I can bring my mind back, if you notice your wondering that’s ok just bring yourself back focus on your breathing and stay relaxed. Your mind wondering is normal that’s ok.