Are there negative effects to meditating in bed? I like to cross my legs but also prefer back support so often do it sitting up in bed.

Frances T.
I d personally recommand laying on your back when meditating. I feel like you can be more focused on the breathing than other things like keeping your back straight or not feeling as comfortable as you think you should when keeping that position. Also you can be sure that your body is in the most relaxed position that it can be in👍🏼
Addison U.
no, no matter where you meditate you can get the same results as long as you’re able to maintain the same amount of focus and relaxation
Amanda Y.
I think it is fine to meditate in bed. Whatever you're most comfortable doing is what I'd think would be the most important aspect.
Adele U.
There's no harm while meditating in Bed. You can take a Support also, but the main thing is You should be in a really Deep and Relaxed State of Mind , Just Concentrate on what you want to be in Life and Imagine Yourself in That Position, be thankful to all who supported/ supporting you in this Situation and Always be in a Calm state of mind for atleast 6 minutes. Hope it Helps 🙂