Do you like to meditate with their legs crossed on a chair or maybe on your bed does it make a difference to you?

Olivia E.
I personally meditate with my legs crossed becuase it gives a little more importance to your meditation. If you meditate in your bed them you mifht find yourself falling asleep or losing focus more often becuase your in the place you sleep. But tou dont want to be uncomfortable, you want to try to find a place with space for you to cross your legs and be able to straighten your back.
Megan N.
I prefer to sit on the floor because it makes me feel more level with my body and my mind. Sometimes I will put a large cushion down and sit on it for more comfort.
Denisse Q.
Hi, I really like to meditate on my because that way I feel more relaxed and lighter to stretch or even think on the positive things of my day.