Which kind of meditation do you prefer? And why?

Isaac C.
Although guided meditations are nice once in a while, I prefer to mediate without a voice or sounds in the background. This is because I like to be aware of my surroundings as they are – my breath, the natural sounds around me of nature, of people, of wherever I happen to be. This also makes the transition between sitting meditation and practicing meditation as a lifestyle easier. I try to meditate as I walk, as I converse with people and as I work, simply by being conscious of what I am doing, feeling and thinking.
Caroline B.
I use guided meditation (like Headspace). It helps to keep me in the present and ensure I don't allow myself to get lost in my thoughts. It helps me to focus on my breathing and letting go of any thoughts that come to mind.
Stefan F.
I like a partially guided and partially silent meditation with the guidance at the beginning. I go for 10 to 25 minutes at a time.
Wilma W.
Guided meditation 🧘‍♀️ is my preference. I like someone to keep me on track at least at the moment. I’m quite good generally with meditation but using Fabulous & Headspace has helped me make & keep to a daily practice. I also like to have a reason to meditate on like focus
Susan B.
Zen meditatie doe ik 2x per dag s'morgens en s'avond bij opstaan en naar bed gaan. Zen doe ik omdat ik sat 9veral kan doen. Met en alleen met mij zelf.
Ik krijg zo meer inzichten in mezelf en mijn gedachten wereld. Ik ben hierdoor meer chill en ontspannen met een betere concentratie. Maakt me meer gelukkig 🙂
Andrea U.
I like using the app Headspace for all my meditation. I enjoy the courses they have on work and productivity. I also like sleep meditations that really help me fall asleep better.
C Lia Y.
Mindfulness meditation works awesome for me. I use the Headspace app three times a day. I find it helps a lot with willpower, emotional control and focus. Great way how to learn to meditate for beginners and pros alike.
Mah Z.
I prefer a combination of mildfulness and visualization meditation. Usually I visualize that I’m seated in a forest, I slowly build up what I hear, smell, feel. This kind of visualization helpes me relax and slip into the meditation more easily. The forest also gives me a refuge from my daily life and worries, allowing me to re-charge emotionally. Once in the forest, I usually practice some form of mindfulness meditation— sometime with a breathing tecknique, sometimes a body scan, sometime just sitting and experiencing the forest is enough. I find mindfulness helps me get to know my own mind, what I am feeling/thinking at the moment, and helps me let go of some unnecessary stress.
Derek O.
Mindful Meditation works very well for me.
I like some guidance and you learn how to meditate with action and sound around you.
I have done a silent meditation on the train to NY.
Edouard E.
I use the Headspace app (for over a year now). I find the guy’s voice to be soothing, the approach is logical, thoughtful and consistent, and the different focus packs available are helpful for self development in key areas.
Sedat O.
I prefer guided meditations that focus on positive energy or positive thinking. The guided ones help me stay focused on the meditation and it let my mind wander. I would love to see a series that challenges you to grow at your meditation practice.
Ilan O.
I prefer a guided meditation because it focuses the mind and make time pass faster. I might switch to unguided meditation in the future.