I have already asked but nobody answered… I don’t know how this works. Is it ok to meditate at night instead of during the morning?

Monica O.
Yes. I tend to meditate at night as it helps me wind down and be ready for bed. I find that my mind is too preoccupied in the morning to clear it for a meditation.
Kylene P.
I think it should be fine. You can leave the routine or skip the task and fill the bubble later. My path so far has meditating in the evening because I practiced the habits to improve my sleep. Today I was even discussing with my counselor how these habits and routines should serve you, you’re not bound to them. Having the mindset that you want to keep up at it to continue to grow will help you figure out what you need to not burnout.
Mimosa Q.
Yes, meditating is done at any time. It doesn't have a fixed time or place. You may meditate at the middle of the road (if there is clean air) or enevn in the middle of the night. You can meditate at school! But remember, meditating requires a proper surrounding. Actually, everything required a clean and proper surrounding. If there is dust all around the place flying and sleeping, meditating is just unhealthier. Meditating is necessary but make sure of the environment first. At the end, meditating can be done anythime but in a clean and healthy surrounding.
Nasirudeen N.
It’s very okay to meditate morning,afternoon and night
Infact any you are in your mood, stressed, confused just meditate… it’s never too much 😊