When is the best time to meditate? What atmosphere is most suitable for it?

Ahmad F.
I don’t think there’s a specific time to meditate that’s best, but I do think environment is important. Get someplace calm and quiet. If there are people around, ask them not to disturb you. Close the door of the room you’re in and make sure you’re comfortable, and then you’re all set!
Geneva F.
Time is about when you need clarity. Trouble sleeping? Try it before bed? Anxious or distracted in the morning? Try it after you wake up. Feel like meditation in the afternoon? Go for it. Meditation practice is about you, so you gotta try different things.
Atmosphere is really important though. It needs to be quiet and you need to know you won’t be interrupted. No kids, no pets, no ringing phone. Take 5 minutes to yourself. Somewhere you feel comfortable as you’re starting out also really helps. Sending you focus and love! 💜
Isaac N.
I prefer to meditate in the mornings. I have a relatively busy morning with my kids, preparing them for school. So I do my meditation when they are gone and I have a quite environment.
Kathy U.
Studies show there is a benefit from even 5-10 minutes of meditation, but maximum benefit is received from 20 minutes 2 times per day so I try to take a break in the am when I'm feeling awake (otherwise I can fall back asleep if i do it too close to waking up) and I try to do my second meditation either in the afternoon or after dinner. The best times though are the times it works best for you.
Fox N.
Morning is for sure the best time to meditate. The atmosphere around you needs to be peaceful. Good luck, and hope you achieve your Golden Triangle today! 🐎✌️
Savannah N.
Personally, I meditate right after my stretching I do before bed. I meditate on my bed or the floor for usually 10 minutes with some calming zen music to set the mood. Don’t have bright lights on. Having the lights off with maybe one or two lamps on will make it easier to sleep right after. 🙂