How I can not be distracted while meditating?

Victoria G.
It takes a lot of practice to get to that point. A quiet place to meditate and/or noise cancelling headphones are helpful, but these alone are not enough. The most important thing is to notice when you get distracted and come back to your breath. Guided meditations are extremely helpful because they regularly bring your attention back to the breath. It will be frustrating at first -it certainly was for me-, but eventually you'll notice that you can focus for longer.
Do A N.
just try to focus on your breathing, it’s okay if you are distracted. it can happen to all of us. but when you notice you are slipped away then let the thoughts go by saying to yourself you can always think about it later.
Janhvi P.
It's very very common to be distracted while meditating! And expecting to be still at get go is like telling a little kid to sit still. Our minds do things we most tell them not to and so I recommend that one should just observe the thoughts and not delve into them. Dismiss them but acknowledge them. And once you've practiced enough, it'll get easier to start with a clear mind ( or end with a clear mind)
Youssef S.
my number one advice is that you focus on your breath, that's the most effective things that keeps me concentrated. If you're new to meditation, just like me, I suggest that you meditate in places where you can avoid distractions like people, distractive noises etc.. I also put my phone silent during mediation.
Sarah C.
If you get distracted, don’t chastise yourself. It’s normal. Just focus on your breath, and if you realize you’ve gotten distracted, go back to your breath. I do this by counting my breaths. Inhales are odd numbers exhales are even. Count to ten, then start back at one. And if you realize you’ve lost focus while doing that, and go over ten, just go back to one after the next even umber.
Amber Z.
I disconnect from everything and remind myself that I am deserving of a few minutes to myself without any further distractions other than just being by myself.
Susan Z.
Keep focussing on the breath. One good way is to feel the air coming in and going out of the nostrils. Or to listen to the sound of the breath or feeling the rise and fall of the chest