I too need to know how to block thought s while trying to meditate . It’s frustrating

Sandro Y.
I find that when an intrusive thought comes into my mind I focus on my breathe. I do not try and control the thought or get mad at it, I just always go back to my breathe. If I want to think about something specific I usually chose to focus on the things I am grateful for. I had a traumatic experience early in life and I spent a lot of quiet time focused on it and focused on the “why me” mentality. When I was able to let the thought wash out as quickly as it came in and go back to my breathe it became less and less intrusive and more of a fleeting idea.
Leyla A.
hey beautiful, so actually i think from my understanding that it is something that comes with time. try doing some mindfulness,like guided mindfulness meditations. they focus a lot on the breath and on focusing on sounds,and the feelings inside and outside your body. so everytime you get distracted it just makes you gently come back to the breath,as many times as you need. also an important thing is to accept that you might get distracted, especially if you're stressed,and that's ok. with time you will get better at it😘