Are there ever times when meditating where you just cannot let go of your thoughts and relax your mind? What do you do?

Juliana J.
I have never lost focus when meditating. but if i ever do, i’d always do these three things.
1. write down what’s your on your mind, think about it. after a while, you’ll get bored of thinking about that so you’ll want to do something else.
2. drink water. water fills up more than half of your entire body, not your thoughts. now really think about that. water surely will relax your mind.
3. (if you have breathing problems don’t do this one) hold your breath, pinch your nose. close your eyes, image a waterfall, you strolling through a river and happen to see a waterfall, no let go of your nose and breath. still close your eyes. open them and you should surely be good now.

Really hope this helped!