How do you deal with meditating with an injured neck? I have difficulty sitting straight for 10 minutes.

Britt E.
Mediating doesn't just have to be sitting! Lay down, walk, take a bath, or switch between several during a session. What's important is that you're comfortable.
Anna O.
My neck sometimes gets tense, so I find it best to lean against a wall or lay on the ground or sofa with a pillow under your head.
Emily B.
I never do it sat up. I actually get in bed and make myself comfortable. I've done it that way since I was a teenager and it makes no difference if you're sitting or laying down. If you can't lie down where you meditate, instead you could lean back in a comfy chair. You don't have to sit up straight and be uncomfortable. 🙂
Maria Z.
I don't think there's one unique position to meditate. You can meditate sitting, standing, lying, maybe sitting leaning against something, so that your neck is not stressed?

But I'm NO expert in meditation, so I might just have said something really stupid

Joaquin I.
I been there, I work 8 hours sitting in a not really "estable" chair at work, this means that when I leave work I have mental and physical weight on my neck and back. The solution for me, is to just meditate laying on my back, the ground acts as a really perfect rule for the spine and neck, you just need a small pillow to support your heavy head and that's it, you can also lay down and put your legs on a chair, small table or a couch trying to imitate like you were sitting perfectly along with 90 degrees in your knees, and in the union of your back and legs. You will fill comfortable, I know I do.
Then, it is just mater of time that you will feel much supported by your back and later on you won't need the couch help anymore.
I hope you find this at least half as useful as it was for me and I wish you a really good experience with life,

A kind stranger ❤️

Andrea T.
I think you need to use something usefull. I dont remember the name now but you can use medical things. You need to research them. And you can find a way to ease your pain.
Get well soon !!!