How can I stop myself from becoming sleepy?

Maddie N.
I find that doing a meditation (sitting up, sometimes eyes open) using the Ten Percent app helps. Drinking some cold water, and motivating myself to do just a seven minute workout really gets my brain to wake up. I hate exercise so I would take that recommendation seriously! Breakfast always helps too, food is always good 🙂
Victorino E.
This mainly depends on what you want to stay up for.
If it’s studies, look for a live study channel with a live chat where you can receive encouragement.
Also, planning for the activity helps you get some rest so that you can be energetic for the activity to come.
Hope this helps.
Barry J.
I myself had a hard time with feeling exausted in the middle of the day, although I for about 8 hours per night. What helped me the most were exercising and a really good breakfast. So if it works for you you could add a little workout in the morning and after that make yourself a fruit-packed smoothie, or whatever you like. The key is to take in a lot calories, mostly carbohydrates, because after your night's rest your body is in need for fuel, and especially after the workout where you burned some calories. Carbohydrates give you energy, but don't get me wrong. I don't mean sugary snacks, but wholefoods. Also what helped me too was to disconnect from my phone and tv 1 to 2 hours before I go to sleep. All the information we get from our smartphones and tv doesn't really let your mind rest. I hope I helped.
Jenny S.
When i feel that way i just get up and make my self. I also use liquid vitamin b-12. Since I have been sick it has been my saving grace