How do you sit when you meditate?

Natasha J.
I sit with my legs crossed, back straight, hands on my thighs with my palms upwards to draw energy into me. I close my eyes and relax my face. I hope this helps!
Elli Y.
When I meditate, I usually sit cross-legged with my hands in my lap, but you may not even want to sit and lie down instead. Just do whatever feels most comfortable to you so you can relax
Fun G.
We, as in my sister and I, sit in crisscross applesauce legs. I like to put my legs on top of my knees, since that is how we learn that in Buddha meditation. We put our hands palm-up, resting on the top of our knees or just in front of it when we put our legs more up. We sit up, back straight, eyes closed, and breathing in and out through our nose and our mouths. We always have to stay on track and only about our breathing and present. Again, this is what we learn from a Buddhist temple that we to every Sunday.