Summer is pretty much here where I live- kids schedule changes pretty dramatically and there are usually family and friend events that need a lot of planning and dedication towards which throws me off my work schedule and even my daily routine and rituals. How do you all stay on track with your daily routine and work schedule when summer comes and kids and family schedules change ?

Mathilde E.
I’m a college student, so for me summer actually gets less hectic. I’m a homebody, so I don’t usually have a lot of big plans that throw off schedules. I’ve also only been using Fabulous for a couple of months, so a lot of my habits for routines haven’t taken place over summer yet! I don’t know how well I’ll do keeping up my habits next summer because I’m getting married, so it will be a busier summer than usual! I try to set aside time in the mornings and evenings for my routines, though and hopefully I’ll be able to keep them up.
Yedda Z.
By understanding that following a daily routine is for the benefit of everyone not only us. It helps us to stay cool and be ourselves. Also realising that, taking time out for ourselves everyday is important for our mental health. And regarding work schedule, work is something that can't be compromised. So finishing it off quickly by staying more focused for a short time can be a way to deal with your problem. Lastly if it's your family and kids then in the end they would understand you. So no worries.