When I am super stressed and ruminating about a stressed I can’t shut my brain off. I listen for hours to meditations and I can’t do it some days. What do other people do to shut the mind off. I’m looking for something else ?

Lorenzo Y.
You may want to seek help of therapy. It is important to understand why we are behaving in a manner repeatedly instead of just shutting it off from the outside. Often our brain overthinks cause it gives us a sense of security about situations that stresses us out.
Our brain thinks that repeatedly going through the matter will help us ease the anxiety around it. Unfortunately it does quite the opposite.
In case you are willing to seek therapeutic help, here is a contact of therapist who has international experience and is good at her work. Just take a demo session and judge yourself.
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Untill you feel ready to take up therapy, you may want to use journaling. Often writing down the thoughts eases the stress and gives you a clarity on your thoughts.

Genie Beatz N.
Try FitMind app. I’m almost sure you’re meditating incorrectly if it’s not helping. It’s a process. It really changed my life in the past couple of months. Don't go over board. Start with 2 x 15 min a day.
Hannah E.
Hello, I’m sorry you feel that way — been there just a few weeks ago, so I can relate.
This may not be the best way to cope with your stress; but I like focusing on something else like setting a goal for myself “I wanna be fit”, yoga is a very calming for your mind there.
You can also take some long evening walks whilst listening to an empowering podcast. I walk in the evening, because there’s not a lot of distractions then.
I hardly recommend starting to journaling your day and thoughts. It helps to write it down, and you’ll sleep better as a bonus.

But remember everything takes time working. One ten minute meditation session isn’t going to help, if you’re very stressed maybe for a few minutes.
Do the body scan meditation idk 3 times a day — it doesn’t take so long, as you may think it’ll in your head because of all the stress.

Best of luck to you and your future.