How do you do the “gratitude session”?

Brianna Z.
Hi stranger. Here is advice to u. When do your gratitude session be true to yourself. Dont say or think things you dont feel. That will be only mental gosping. But try to see in your life moments that you loved… moments that you felt truly happy. You will only be gratefull for these moments. If you cant do that… maybe is time to do more things you love and less that others will like. Find yourself is a Journey with many answers, but dont forget to apreciate the journey. The life.
Devon J.
I think about all the things I'm thankful for in that day, week.. time span, like the Christmas season, holiday etc. My partner and I usually do this at the end of the day in bed maybe once a week. We share photos & memories and pick things we are grateful for like going and choosing our Christmas tree or sitting and eating tapas in a Spanish village x
Sara P.
I let the music play and lie down in bed or wander around the house saying out loud what went well today and what I’m grateful for in general. I like to take my time, really feel in.