Is It better to meditate in the morning or evening, or is any time okay?

Tif O.
Some say morning because you're fresh up without distractions. I really struggle to in the morning and find evening better. I also like a midday rebalancing meditation on really see stressful days. I think whatever works for you is perfect! There is no "right way".
Adriana P.
Meditation in the morning is good to start your day fresh and relaxed. Meditation in the evening helps with clearing and calming after a long day. Although you should meditate when you need it, for example your lunch break during the day or driving home from work etc
Rom O Z.
I suggest you try meditating different times during the day and test what works best for you. I believe it depends a lot on your daily schedule and your mental cycles
Lucy E.
I always meditate In the evening before bed because it helps me wind down at the end of the day and it definitely helps me have a good nights sleep