Is it better to meditate with eyes open or closed?

Linda Y.
Depends on your environment, if you are in a place that is special to you keep your eyes open. If you are somewhere unfamiliar, close your eyes.
Marian T.
I meditate with my eyes closed as this stops me from being distracted or looking around the room, I am then enabled to concentrate on my breathing.
Valqu Ria Y.
I use headspace to help me meditate and learn the basics. I typically start with eyes open with a soft focus and after a few deep breaths then I close my eyes for the rest of the time. To help you make more permanent changes consider your motivations for wanting to meditate and how that can not only help you but also those around you.
Pauline Z.
i don’t believe there is such a thing as “better” with meditating. how do you feel when you meditate with your eyes open vs with your eyes closed? which brings you more calm and allows you to connect with yourself easier? there’s your answer!
Dan O.
Neither is better or worse, it’s just different styles. Like different tools in a tool box. But stick with one or the other for a whole session.
Oscar Y.
I think it depends on what makes you focus more. For me, I keep switching between both when I meditate depending on what feels right!
If I am a little bit sleepy, I do it with my eyes open, because if I close them I drift easily and can’t focus.
Eddie T.
There is so right of wrong answer to this question, so I will answer based on personal experience. When I meditate I like to imagine things such as myself from the corner of the room, myself in a void, or myself in my happy place. This requires me to close my eyes and see those things. Closing your eyes can also help you focus in on one thing and not get distracted by anything visually. This is why I prefer to close my eyes, but answers will vary.
Selma P.
I find it helpful to find a place that I can be by myself … when I look deep within myself I can stare up unto the Universe or with my eyes close when I can bring myself together… it all depends on the matter if the circumstances for me
Roy F.
Eyes closed enable you to focus and not distractedanvisuals that you may encounter. Leaving only breathing and audio available this makes you access the inner depths of your soul more easilyualvianiy