Any favorite meditation links or speakers? Please share :)

Janusz W.
I prefer headphones over speakers. It feels more personal when listening to a guided meditation. My go to headphones for meditation, at present, are the Bose QC , which stands for quiet comfort. They have an ambient noise cancelling device. Any model number is great, so I don’t have a preference there. So, QC- II, QC-III, etc.
When no one is around, I like the Bose Soundwave speaker system. Recently, I started using the Amazon Echo, which has amazing sound and volume range.
Those are what I like to use.

Blake Q.
Usually I prefer meditation in a quiet room or in nature. Buuut if I’m using YouTube I’ll go for anything by Deva Premal (Sanskrit chanting music) Hope you like it! ✨ 🎶 🧘🏽‍♀️ 🥰 ✨

Johanne C.
Louise Hay’s morning meditation & cell healing meditation are my favourite, along with chakra tuning guided meditations

Ricardo J.
My favorite apps are Headspace, Insight Timer, and Oak. My favorite thought leaders are Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama.

Durval O.
I usually use YouTube and just add meditation music or sleep music I love the ocean so waves and water sounds are my go to also I like Native American flutes and also Childers nursery night times music.

Yara Y.
For meditating I enjoy using calm. It also has sound profiles for sleep (rain, waves, etc.) and many other activities. Tangentially I find the video "TCU Baseball 2012 – The Grind" helps me when willpower is weak.

Kamil T.
I use the Insight Timer and I particularly like Dawn Mauricio Awareness of Breath and Heart. Also Bodhipaksa on Wild Mind

Elisa E.
Meditation Forest is a site created by Alan Klima .
it’s a really rich site – many different guided meditations, lectures, discussion threads. there isn’t a lot of live discussion going on now, but I think all the archived material is really worth it. I find Alan always gives a unique and valuable perspective on doing mindfulness meditation. Broadly, I would say Alan’s approach is much more natural than what is generally taught. He emphasizes the natural pleasure and curiosity that we can take in meditation . So our focus is naturally drawn in to the pleasure. It’s not a matter of trying to fence in our attention so it doesn’t go off wondering

Tracey E.
Well, I get inspired by two people, Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins, they both have a similar vision but a different way to express it and share the message.
Then, I use headspace app for meditation during the day, at any point when feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and right before going to sleep

Lea N.
An app called simple habit gives you a personalized list of suggested meditations and adds new ones daily. Here’s the link:

Josh X.
I use headspace and this apps meditation they both are very soothing and I find I can connect with myself better afterward.

Bertram Y.
I practice Buddhism for meditation. But right now I doubt know any site that provides a good guideline in English. Will post if I come across a good one.

Ev Lio N.
My favorite go-to-place for meditation is the Soulvana app. I use group emersions and the ones in the library. On my way to work I listen to positive “I am affirmations” on Spotify and for sleep meditation I use Innate or The Lune INNATE on YouTube