How DO you stay awake during meditation?!

Andreas Y.
If I need to sleep then I sleep. I don't fall alsleep during meditation of I don't need it. So I go tl sleep earlier. Or I sit up without help for my back and have my eyes open fixaded at a spot. Meditation 5 minuyes is still meditation..
Salustiniano Q.
I'm normally focusing on something. A thought or just breathing or focusing on focusing. Also sitting with a straight back helps me.
Theodore E.
Usually Meditation helps me in two different situations.

First, when my day was too exciting or nervous and I need to relax and find harmony. Cause otherwise I will close my eyes, but my brain can stay awake for the next few hours! 🙂

Second is when the day was boring, disappointing or I feel lost.
At that moment I’m very close to break my good habits. I use meditation to not give up and remember about important things in my life.

So for me the meditation is not only about relaxation, but more about finding balance and trying to make myself better from inside.

Sleeping is the process of going down, down to bed. Not about reaching the balance, cause it’s more about going up, trying to stretch your inner strings to play nice melodies. To feel better and shine. Waking up the best part of my personality.

If you focus on these things during meditation, I promise you never fall asleep.

Good luck! 🧘‍♂️

Adrize C.
Sometimes I do just fall asleep and that’s okay. If the mind can’t focus on the body, the breath or a thought, then it needs to shut down and needs that rest. It’s a good sign you are feeling so relaxed when you’re meditating. One thing I do when I feel tired but don’t want to sleep is count my breathes. I’ll count inhale, 1, exhale 2, all the way to ten then start from the beginning. That way you don’t just count sheep, you have to focus on specific numbers! It might not help yourself but it’s something I’ve done a lot! Everyone is different so keep working on what might work for you! Perhaps yoga or exercise beforehand might make you feel awake enough to then go into a calm state of mind after all that work!
Parc Dio Q.
I sit up and do my meditation. If I lay down to do it, which I often do at night, I will fall asleep very quickly. Sometimes using a guided meditation on the free app Insight Timer helps me, too.
Gwendolyn F.
I first prep myself initially to remember that this is for relaxation and to clear my mind. As I’m listening, I make sure to follow instructions thoroughly. Upon completing the meditation, I often find myself able to fall asleep so I recommend doing this routine while in bed before going to sleep.
Marten X.
First of all, never do it before going to sleep or if you're tired. Best time to do it is right after you wake up, and after stretching and waking your body up. If you fall asleep during the meditations, do them with your eyes open, and look at any greenery. It can also help to listen to upbeat meditations and voice guided meditations where you can focus on the voice.
Marijan F.
Drink water, breathe deeply, and if you can, make sure you're sitting up straight instead of lying down. Always try to practice in a dedicated place. Good luck! You can do this!