Is meditating before sleep useful?

Angela O.
Yes, because it will give your soul peace after a long day of tireless worry anxiety or any discomforts faced during the day. When you meditate upon every good thing which for me are verses in the bible. You will cease to wrestle with your thoughts and just find tranquillity within yourself.
Leon G.
Definitely. It helps you clear mind. You stop thinking about the past, present and future and purely focus on sleep. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised. It might take a few try’s to find the right meditation for you but you’ll get there. Good Luck!👍👍👍
Emily S.
Yes! Definitely, before I started meditating before bed, I had a lot of sleeping problems, I would think about a lot of things that would stress me out and I would scare myself to the point where I had to stay awake until the morning. I went to a sleep specialist and they told me to try meditation so I did and I have just stuck to it since then, it’s the best thing to do before bed because u can just forget about any stressful situations that u faced during the day and focus on urself for a while. I love meditation
Aynur S.
Meditating before sleep always helps with telling my body that it’s okay to let go and rest for the night as well as it soothes the mind and the racing thoughts. I would definitely recommend trying some sleep inducing meditation or just simple mediation exercises in general until you find the ones that work for you!