What do you struggle with during meditation?

Andr Y.
So many things. Any mundane noise can be just enough to rob you of your concentration on the most important thing in meditating: you. But practice is what makes you better at it. Little by little, you should be able to maintain yourself focused for longer periods of time and achieve mindfulness.
Fanny B.
I struggle with my heart racing and my thoughts going back to times when I felt I wasn’t safe because my heart is racing. When this happens I try to tell myself that I am safe by pointing out things in the now kinda like trying to ground myself back in reality. And then I slowly bring myself back to my breathing and acknowledge that it is ok to be scared
Kyle E.
I struggle staying focused in general, so my mind tends to wander. For now the guided meditations are easier for me to complete, and I still do feel more motivated to complete other tasks afterwards.
M Lissa Z.
In the beginning i would get distracted all the time, but with daily practice it became easier to focus on my breath or whatever your meditation wants you to focus on. Good posture is also important. I hurt my back sitting on a cushion on the floor for 10 minutes. Your back shouldn’t hurt while you meditate, but if it does i would switch to sitting on a chair or you may lay on your bed. One more thing: pay attention to uncomfortable emotions that come up as you meditate. You may want to block them, but the trick is just noticing them and letting them go so you can shift your focus back to your breath. Hope that helps 🙂
Julia O.
I struggle with wandering thoughts. Sometimes I stay lost in my mind for 5 or 10 minutes before I remember that I am meditating, and return to focusing on my breath. Sometimes I also struggle to meditate at all, since it can bring up feelings of sadness or distress that are otherwise pushed away. And hurting and stiff muscles can be a problem too that distracts me. But I also love meditation and I will continue to work through these difficulties!🙂
Phillip E.
I struggle with my thoughts, or mostly dealing with the emotions that some of those thoughts bring. I find that the meditation allows me to handle and process those emotions.
Julia W.
My mind wonders and I get attached to my thoughts. Also, I keep feeling an itch somewhere on my face or some kind of physical discomfort.
Samantha N.
Always having a quiet space is probably my biggest struggle. If I can't find a totally quiet space I use headphones with guided meditations and relaxing ambient music/sounds for those moments in my guided meditation when its completely silent and the headphones alone don't block out outside noise. When I can find a quiet space, the silence can be wonderful!
Ella S.
I struggle with staying focused mainly. My mind tends to wander off to things it shouldn't. I have a hard time slowing down and grounding myself. Meditation is a time of relaxation and winding down the mind; taking time to reflect on one's self. I try to prepare myself for the next day and remind myself to take a moment and breathe.