How do you recenter your mind on bad days, when your thoughts are most active and unhelpful?

Stilla U.
I reflect on what i achieved so far, i reflect on what was the cause of my bad feeling and I try to relevate it, by comparing it with other people’s situations which are way worse than my silly worries
Sofie B.
I run. If I can’t fit in running that day I try to breath. I’m not always successful and other habits take over that are less helpful to me but my aspiration is to replace them with the ones above.
Cory S.
It’s definitely hard, but not impossible. I try to meditate and exercise so that I can release whatever I am feeling and/or thinking.
Lester J.
I sleep off my thoughts sometimes meditate recently used mediate feature on this app which I found helpful sometimes I watch youtube video on a problem I have sometimes I chat with my family it really depens on the situation I am facing sometimes it really geta really tough to come out of stress when I just pray for a better time to come.
Charly E.
I have a mantra; I am here. I am whole. I am enough. This helps me get back into a good mindset, remember to be kind to myself, and start again.