How can meditation help with depression due to failed relationships?

Rachel Y.
It helps to be in the present moment, to notice your negative thoughts about yourself from failed relationships and let go of them by returning your attention to your breath and self compassion.

The more you practice the less attached to your failed relationships, the less they define you, the less you are afraid from starting a new one if desired.

It may not resolve the root of your failed relationships but meditation helps ease anxiety, stress and have a clearer mind about the issue. Who knows? You might find a lifetime partner or you had let peacefully go of the idea.

S Lvia G.
Feel those feelings, its very important to embrace yourself and what you feel. Failed relationship's are a part of life, they fail for a reason, also open up for new relationship's. With meditation concentrate on what you feel and why. 3 steps to help: feel, embrace, and voice you emotions, think why you feel them, and take action to better YOUR SELF, talk to a professional about you depression after you figure out you emotions and why. Please take depression seriously please.

Valeska S.
Meditation can you the ability look inside for the root cause or situation that is causing the pain and depression. It will also strengthen your ability to be with oneself alone but NOT lonely.