How do you stay focus during long meditation session?

Caroline W.
I just focus on my breathing. I've been doing it for a while now so it comes kinda naturally. I also find it helpful to allow the music to embrace me and I become a part of it. Sinking into the floor on my mat. It's the best thing I do all day. Enjoy. And have fun. 💜👣🌸
Fulg Ncio S.
Just keep going back to my breath. Trying to accept things as they are. And really appreciate the moment. Letting myself let go.
Angela E.
During meditation I focus on the breadth and how it effects my body. Thoughts and images may appear but I choose to acknowledge then dismiss them very gently. I will not prolong the thoughts with more details or to see where it goes. I simply notice it then being my focus back to the breath.
Mathilde F.
Every time wheb you have a trouble with the focus during meditation, just foslcus on your breath for a while, this will help you to get rid of any distrustful thoughts.
Adam T.
What I would normally do is focus on my breathing or how my body feels, if I start to stray away I just tell myself no and come back to my breathing
Reimar E.
It's very easy to get distracted when meditating, we have thousands and thousands of thoughts daily, so if you find your mind wondering once you notice it bring your attention back to the present daily practise will improve this 🙂
Druso E.
Depends what it's long for you. I tend to do maximum 12 min sessions. I rather do more sessions than longer sessions. If it makes sense
Christina O.
Honestly I often don't I drift away A lot! But I think that's okay I just think of a little dot of light and try to focus on it as much asi can
Ben Q.
Well, don't try. The mind is going to wander. The trick is just bringing your attention back when you notice it has wandered, and understanding that your mind will wander from time to time. That is just part of the process.