How long do you usually meditate for?

Michael A.
Typical I meditate for about 3- 20 minutes max. However that I started really I find in a busy day I available about 15mins a day. The “Headspace” app was what really got me in-tuned. 😊
Bell Y.
Although i am not a begginer per ce, I am going through some stuff… I used to be able to meditate for half an hour. Right now I am lucky if i pass the 3 minutes. But i still try, and try not to be too hard on myself. Some days are better, but most are really hard.
Jacob N.
I honestly don't have a specific limit on my meditation and I think that's what is the most helpful for me.

Meditation is supposed to be helpful to declutter the mind, bring self-awareness, and inner peace. I think the best way to do that is to leave it without limitations or expectations.

Sometimes you might meditate for a few minutes and that's all you'll need. And maybe sometimes you might find yourself feeling complete after an hour. Both are fine and actually great!

Ceicli N.
5 minutes. I try to make it longer, but I still have problems to return focus when my mind starts to wander. The more I meditate, I hope to do it longer every time.
Aleksandra X.
10mins. For 1-2 months. Maybe I'll prolonged it. Right now it is difficult to focus on it with my mind not wandering off.
Alice I.
I usually do it for 15 or 30 minutes, it depends on my free time from work and housework, but when I have plenty of time I try to do it for at least 45 to 60 minutes…
Mattia N.
I just recently got started with it. Right now I’m doing a 12 minutes meditation before going to sleep but I would like to increase it gradually to 20-30 minutes.
Jordan E.
I started meditating in December. I stick to just 10 minutes a day. Have asked someone I trust in my family to hold me accountable so that I do it every day.