How do you maintain your habits when travelling?

Capucine Z.
first my habit is not difficult when in traveling.but if I have other thing to distract me I will do my habit early but not quit easily
Timmothy W.
While travelling , we can comfortably do our meditation especially observing the breaths . That is one that ngs which is really important
Olivia W.
Yesterday I got to travel to Isha Yogi a huge meditation center so I was able to meditate and as I left home in the afternoon I was able to eat a great breakfast.
Tarc Sio C.
I do the best I can. Traveling can put your whole schedule off, so change your practices to fit the situation. If you normally go out for a walk and you can’t do that, find a backup exercise plan specifically for travel. Stuff like that can help keep your mind on exercise, even when you can’t do your favorite form of it.
Charles T.
If i travel to somewhere far that i will be in a different time zone then i will rest for fews day and back to the habit
Carl J.
A lot of my habits are for my home. So if I know I’m about to go out of town for the week. I try to make sure I do them before I leave. That way when I am back there is nothing to catch up on.

If there are tasks I can do that doesn’t involve my home, I do the best I can. I have reminders so that I can still have it in the back of my mind. BUT, if I don’t have time to do them because…let’s say I’m on vacation with my family, then I live guilt-free. Time with my family is precious. I only get one chance to live in the moment. I’d rather make memories than replace it with “perfection”. Life can be successfully messy sometimes. That’s okay.