Yes I do. I have noticed many meditating positions and most sit on the floor and cross their feet and let their elbows rest on the knees as well as touching their index finger with their tohumb, my question is is this is a way to get the best results out if meditation?

Nandini I.
Personally I would say that meditation can work in any way that makes you feel comfortable. For some that could be sitting with crossed legs, for others it could be sitting upright in a chair or laying down in bed. Just play around with positions for a while until you find what makes you comfortable while meditating. ☺️
Leila N.
After all these years meditation and as a prana healer I should tell you the most important things is you feel relax in your position, also with touching fingers together Yiu may affect some chakra depending on which finger you are using .just settle in your body and listen to it
Shiney X.
These ways are good. But the best results depends on your mind, not positions. You can meditate in any way you feel comfortable. Just focus on breathing in and out. Don't take any thoughts to your mind. Try this for at 5 or 10 minutes and you'll feel calm and relaxed if you do it daily.