What are some of your favorite meditation tips you have received and utilize in your daily practice?

Natalie P.
I found a quiet spot in the morning to meditate and I like to do it while my coffee brews before anyone else in my house is awake.
At night, I meditate in my bed right after reading a bit. It really relaxes my brian so my inner worrier cannot emerge. It is the last thing I do before falling asleep.
Ine Marit F.
Different meditationstyles depending on the goal. I use guided meditation (calm app) and appreciate different kind of tecniques ☺️
Sebasti N P.
I use to breath deaply and try to focus my mind on every part of my body, start from feet and finish at head, imagine muy body as a edifice where feet are first floor and I turn off every floor till rooftop, my head