What’s usually the focus of your meditation? Do you stick with breathing or have you found an activity or sensation which is more suited to you?

Elena T.
The focus of my meditation is to calm myself and my mind. The main goal to me would be have a calm, clean and rational mind and letting go all the negative thoughts and all the worries.
I still found breathing as the most relaxing action to do during meditation.
Frida R.
I usually stick with breathing but I also try to feel my body at the same time. Just try to be in my body and not think that ”now I’m going to try not to think about anything”. That was the main reason why I had a hard time when I tried to meditate.
Michele X.
I am limited by my limited abilities, I can’t walk much and then I worry about falling. The most active meditation technique I do is my morning mindfulness meditation which is also a stretching meditation. After doing the stretch meditation I am ready to start my day. I use a guided meditation for my evening meditation and any extra meditations I add to my day to relieve stress. My afternoon meditation is a breathing meditation since I find it helps the best to calm my racing brain which is great to split up my last two most important tasks for the day. I do the hardest and most important in the morning when I feel more focused. Hope that answers your question.
Arun I.
1) feeling the breath
2) Scanning the body
3) Noticing the sounds physical sensation
4) counting the breath
5) not judging thought just allowing to come and go
Bertha Z.
Usually I focus on my breathing just to calm down and clear my thoughts there after I have deep session of meditation focused on the the things I want In life
Ma Ly T.
I like to use replacement thinking where I am picturing and imagining myself experiencing goal completion for example feeling fit and energized or seeing myself happy doing what I love.