I struggle keeping myself concentrated with meditation, how can I overcome that? Thx

Naomi P.
You can listen to calming music or even get a YouTube video that takes you through mediate and then you get do it on your own. Always ask yourself questions about how you feel or you day when you are feeling peaceful so your brain can focus on something while you mediate
Lonnie P.
Thoughts will come and go during meditation, but instead of focus on that as if it was a problem, notice it when it comes for a couple of seconds and label it (label: thinking – for example)and bring always your mind back to meditation every time with calm. Also you could imagine a bag where you put them and label the bag closing it, then back to meditation. Sometimes I also imagine thoughts like balloons and I watch them flying away while going back on my meditation session
Maryam N.
Here are some things that can help your concentrate while mediating
1,find a quite place
2,put on some quiet music
3,write down somethings that are on your mind
4, do at least for 30 minutes
Marta X.
Listen to your breath, feel it, how it flows through your body. Cold in and warm out. Your thoughts should be concentrated on it. Everything else doesn't matter at the time.
India X.
Hi there. What I normally do is, I don’t just sit down and listen to relaxing music. I first write in my journal about my day and also write what I liked and didn’t like. Then I go and put a turn a candle on (but turn of all the lights in your room). I Go to my happy place and meditate. I hope this helped
Lib N.
I struggle with this too. I used to be a lot better and then fell out a practice. And that’s what it is, practice. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. When you are meditating and you notice your mind has wandered, don’t berate yourself, which is easy to do, just gently bring your attention back to the focus of your meditation. In time this will become easier and easier
Johnni U.
Start by going for at least 5 minutes. Keep going at it for about 2-3 weeks. Afterwards, make it 10. Then 15 after another few weeks. Then keep it going until you get towards however long you wanna meditate for daily. It'll you don't quite hit it at that exact time, do it sometime during the day. If not that day, do it tomorrow on the time you said you would do it. Keep it consistent and keep being persistent
Kiarie U.
I suggest whole you meditate try to take deep breaths through your nose and exhale from your mouth. It'll keep you focused on the task at hand but also keep you focused on why you are doing it.
Darya R.
I hold a candle in my hands so I'm focusing all my thoughts and other things on this candle.
Or I meditating when I'm in the right mood.
Benita R.
I can over come that by cutting off all connections to society when I meditate. Whether that be my phone my family my tv, whatever it takes to concentrate on nothing but meditation!
Kira N.
try visualizing your breathing going throughout your body, don’t just feel it or concentrate on it. if you’re not already, use a guided meditation, choose one that interests you or sounds fun. start small, try a 5 minute meditation and work your way up.
Kimberly R.
Hi so I had the same problem. It like no matter what you do you just can't get into it. One way I find help me I'd start to do it even you are following asleep then slowly pit it in to your day to day.
Aybala P.
Maybe it’s just about the room. You know, rooms has an aura too and maybe it doesn’t match yours. You can change the room, it’s the one of the posibilities. Second, maybe on the meditation time there is a sound that make you uncomfortable (loud or tiny, it doesn’t matter) and you even don’t notice that. If there is a silent, I’m sure it helps you a lot. And,hey, you can try to play puzzle (with no music) before the meditation. It will help you to focus on and clear your mind. Give it a try, xo. 🙂
Apoorva C.
Hi there!
This might sound on a bit deeper level.
To begin with, and in simple words, Meditation = Concentration / Attention
As you know that we have to be Attentive and Concentrated while performing various tasks of the day or thinking about various things, this means that we have to/will be Meditative also for all these things, or vice versa.
What I mean to say is, try doing every little thing in your daily routine with Meditation, or in simpler words, with Concentration /Attention.
Let's understand this with a simple example of Brushing your teeth.
Since, the data about 'how to brush my teeth' is already stored in our mind, our mind doesn't have to think about it anymore while doing it. Ok?
So what does our mind do then while brushing?
It either thinks of the past or the future. Right?
But, where do we live? We live in the present!
But we have put our minds on Autopilot mode for our present day tasks and are living in past or future!
That's how things are going wrong.
So, we can say that Meditation = Mindfulness = Attention/Concentration = LIVING THE PRESENT.
But yes meditation is also sitting in a quite place, closing your eyes and going void. And that's what your question was about.
But the reason I brought up about the Real meditation was to make you understand why you are not able to 'concentrate' while meditating ; remember the body's Autopilot mode, and your thoughts jumping from past to present?
So, the solution.
Mind sound like very cliche, but it is what it is.
Let's begin with the starting of your day.
When you wake up, there are two choices :
1. Thinking about the things from yesterday and the plans for today.
2. Realising that you are awake, not dead! You are breathing, you have a fine body, it's not the end of the world, it's not the end of You!
You should choose option 2 and Smile.
Easier said than done, I know.
But hey, we have to get started from somewhere or somehow!
Then while brushing :
1. You know what it is.
2. Look at the tooth brush. See how the bristles are. Are they hard or soft? Look at the toothpaste. What is the color? Does it also have some colored particles also? Feel the work of your brush and the paste inside your mouth. Run your imagination how these two will be working inside.
Choose option 2. and enjoy!
Then while eating :
1. Thinking about schedules for the day, meetings or whatever.
2. Looking at your food. Seeing it! How many greens, reds or yellows or any other colors are there? Is it salty? Is it sweet? Is it sour? How does the bite feels inside your mouth? Where is going from there? Etc.
Choose option 2. and be thankful for the food you are having or you can also thank the person who prepared the food for you.
Let's leave the options now, I think you now understand what I'm trying to say.
While working out, feel the movements working on different muscles of your body.
While sleeping, let go of your whole body as of you are dead, and try to sleep, I mean think only about sleep.
You might wonder, how this all is going to help with Concentration while meditating.
Gradually your mind will learn that you whole attention and concentration is required only for the task at hand, not for future or past thoughts. And so when you'll sit for meditation, your brain will automatically say "Okay sir, I'm shutting world down in 3, 2,1, 0", and you'll be in your desired state of meditation.
Or you know what, you may not even need the sitting practice or mediation! Shhhhh!
Now there's one more question.
So does it mean forget everything about the past and furure?
Well, the answer is obviously No.
And this is also not possible for a norma human.
So the thing is that while you're doing your present day tasks, you'll have to retrieve some information or experiences from the past or make plans about near future. That's it. That's all your past and future has to do in your present.
But of course there are times when you want to go down that memory lane, those good or bad days, and dive into the ocean of future possibilities or actions. And that's totally fine! Just do it this way. Assign a specific time of the day or the week to do this. Because you know, we need concentration in everything we do in the present! Since this is also going to be a part of our present, do it that way. But once the task is done, leave it there, OK?
And since we are humans and we live a life full of ups and downs, it's totally fine to get off track many a times. But, that's also fine.
Suppose you are feeling low today. It's ok. Don't push it too much. If the low energy is still there, then just accept it. But when you wake up the next day, don't thing about how low you were feeling yesterday, ok? We don't do that. We live in and think of the present. Of course if today also you are feeling the same, that's another thing and that's fine. But don't carry your low energy to your present day just because you were feeling low yesterday and now you are thinking about it and so you are in low energy today also. Got it?
Well, I hope this humongous answer would've helped you to understand mediation from a different perspective and will help you achieve what you want to.
I'm also just a beginner.
But I was able to answer because Ive understood this and also that it truly works.
But I'm at first step of the change right now.
And I hope you'll be there also.
Remember one thing, NO ONE ELSE WILL BE TAKING YOU THROUGH THE STAIRS OF THIS CHANGE, YOU YOURSELF HAVE TO MOVE, because it's about you, not about anyone else,it's your journey.
So take your time, go with your own pace, you don't have to do everything in just one day. Don't get too hard on yourself. Build these habits slowly,maybe just one for a whole week and then adding another one and then another one for the next week. You'll not even realise when and how you got to the first or third or whatever step of these stairs of Change.
Take it easy.
Live your present.
Gabi F.
What I do personally is I sit or lay down in a comfortable position and place one hand over my heart and one hand on my stomach. I then just take 4 breaths in and 6 to 8 breaths out. I don’t care if I get an idea or stray away I just try to focus on my breathing. It also takes time and practice to be able to clear your mind. I hope this helps and I love you so much and you are so beautiful!!!
Kaydee E.
Do breathing exercises and put an distractions away, be in a quite space with low light and you should be able to meditate ok:)
L O Q.
I try to focus in on one specific element if I find I’m drifting. Maybe a small sound, or I rub my hands against a texture, or I analyse my body bit by bit. Ultimately though I’ve heard it’s best to make sure you’re not hard on yourself for drifting and just keep gently redirecting your mind when it does drift.
Yuna E.
just try to focus on your inner body and slowly but not to slow breath in and breathe out and don't focus what going around you but focus on you
Edgar T.
I also lose focus while meditating, but then I remember why I am doing it and then I refocus on the fact that I do it only for my own good
Sherwin F.
When I first started of as well I didn't know if I was doing my meditation properly. The problem is with meditation you wont be able to visualize the good feeling for the first few times. Before thoughts used to appear in my mind but now I know how to not get diverted by it. The thing that helped me with being focus was being “mindful” of the thoughts or urges. When thoughts came to my mind, I will simply just smile in my head, notice the fact that I have that thought and go back to focusing on my breath. An easy way I focused was through literally feeling the air go through the tip of my nostrils. It was easier to focus on than that of the movement of the chest or belly. When you get diverted just remember to acknowledge that you have the thought, like “oh now im thinking about what happened yesterday” and then divert your attention back to your nostrils. I hope this helps you and have a wonderful day ahead.
Kim N.
Start with short meditations. Try guided and different mediums.
If your mind wanders that’s ok. Just bring yourself back to focus, back to centre. Our minds wander it is perfectly normal. Acknowledge and refocus
Travis G.
Instead of trying to focus and concentrate, try to do the opposite. Try and relax and let everything go. Instead of trying to hold focus allow yourself to not have any focus.
Ronen E.
Try to clear your head and concentrate only on your breath. Block any sort of distraction, wether it's your phone, people, or other temptations.
Chiara Z.
For me midnight and morning is the best for meditation, peaceful and there's no distractions. Just think that it is for your self and you need to do this for your self improvement
Milk N.
That's why you're meditating!!! Everybody always thinks that when you meditate you're supposed to shut your brain off or something, but your mind will always naturally wander! As long as you are aware of it, and bring your attention back to your breathing and your body, then you will start to feel more grounded in your meditation. Hope this helps 🙂
Kim N.
Don’t be hard on yourself for starters. Meditation can take many forms so try different techniques. Walking is a form or meditation also short guided meditation. Start small 5 minutes and then increase but don’t add pressure or force it take your time. The main point I had to learn and still practise is our minds will wander and that’s ok. To close off from everything is difficult and I still have thought coming in while I’m meditating. Acknowledge but don’t dwell. Then come back to centre and take a few deep relaxing breaths, drip your shoulders and relax. Hopefully this helps. Sounds of waves rolling in to shore is very soothing💕💕💕
Gwynalynn G.
I know that a lot of people suggest to let your mind wander as much as it wants, and when it’s done, gently put it back on task… some people also suggest doing this before meditation to kind of start with a blank slate. One way I’ve heard of doing that is by writing down everything and anything that comes to mind, kind of like a brain dump in order to get everything out and clear it up. I would also search for some more methods online and look for answers by people who meditate on the regular.. you might find something more helpful there.
Tilde W.
Take it slowly. Focus on a few breaths. Then each time you meditate try and focus on a few more. I’m a newcomer myself – but I try not to let it bother me too much if my mind keeps wandering. It’s what it’s best at.
Lizzy N.
A way to help is redirecting yourself, i continuously had to do the same in the beginning at the start of my meditations. I suggest listening to guided audio meditations, they help you stay focused on the goal you are trying to achieve through mediating. They walk you through you can find all kinds on yt, i hope this helps! good luck!
Ines A.
Hi there! Tbh, i struggle with concentrating too, but meditating helped me with it. Usually, i just listen to the person talking, and try to keep focused on the words. i do what i’m asked to in the session, and when i start drifting away, i try to listen and understand the person again. usually, at the time where it is most likely to happen, the person says “if you think that you’re drifting away..” and gives something for you to focus on. keep up the good work! i’m proud of u <3
Blossom N.
By keeping your mind off technology. Like if you are a person that still goes to School. Just right down your meditation process and do it without using technology oru stop using technology from Monday-Friday to help concertrate
Terrence S.
I personally went through the same problem. Every morning I try to meditate along with exercise. I feel it’s best to do a task before meditation, that way you’re looking forward to the break away.
I have a big window in my sun room, so I bought an old couch cushion to put infront of the window to sit on. Turn off all devices that might intrude on your time of meditation, open the window and take a moment to listen to the wind, the birds, the white sounds, focus on those sounds and just breathe. Allow all thoughts to leave your mind.
Ayush G.
Yes ,I also had the same problem but slowly little by little I could overcome. The best way to overcome is by using guided meditation where I use audio guide . It is very helpful as I am listening to the audio I could easily focus on it and had less problem concentrating.
Seyyed Z.
Believe or not, nothing that important happening i the world than u trying to find urself present in time and space.
Btw its still ok u accept those distractions and tell them to wait for u in the mind box, after it u can go for them and open the box and think again
Daniel Z.
You need to discipline yourself. It's not that easy but master discipline. If you want to, you can. It's your choice hun. Ignore those negatives around u like "I am too tired to do the meditation". Fight. Just fight that. Meditation is useful. Also, your future self will thank u for that. Do that today, and keep it up tomorrow
Isabella C.
It's ok to loose focus,
I mean in the starting few days Or maybe weeks you will loose focus alot and you just need to relax and enjoy it, maybe start with short meditation and try guided meditation (it helps alot) and do it before sleeping or in the morning after you wake up(they are the best timings).
Gaby B.
I used to struggle with that too. But what I have found is to take extremely seriously so I concentrate more. I also do it in my bedroom with dim lighting like a nice yellow light, also having almost complete silence helps me, or maybe mediation just isn’t for you and you can find another activity to help wind you down like reading! Hope this helped!
Mads E.
Hey! I usually turn all of my devices on do not disturb and really focus on what they’re saying in the meditation. It’s easy to get sidetracked and that’s not bad, just make sure you’re focusing on your breath!
Isha I.
Honestly I have to set the ambience. I turn my lights down low, I light incense and sage, close my doors to cancel out any extra noise and I focus. When I loose focus I have to recenter my attention and begin again.
Clara T.
Hi! I’m a teacher of holistic disciplines and I can tell you that in my path I have met several people who, like you, especially during the first approach to meditation, have found it difficult to concentrate or keep the mind listening for the duration of the meditation.

First of all you need to understand what you would like to achieve with meditation. relaxation, serenity and peace? You don’t need to concentrate on following the voice that guides you neither follow meditations where they make you imagine or take a long journey, the goal is to breathe, follow your breath, make it deeper and "heavier" making it reach every cell of your body, nourishing your body and spirit with energy, oxygen and light for as long as you deem it necessary.
You can use a simply piano melody when you do it.

If your goal is to free yourself from thoughts and worries you can try any meditation you like, but I suggest you start with some short ones to get used to following the directions and whenever you feel overwhelmed or distracted bring your attention back to how you are breathing or feeling how far your breath enters or leaves you. Let thoughts be passing clouds that flow without stopping to obscure the sun.

In the end, take small steps but never stop, start doing more short meditations throughout the day, even just for a few minutes. When you feel ready you can start increasing the time and reducing the number of sessions until you get to carry out meditations of 20/30 minutes … It takes patience and commitment, I'm sure you will reach your goal!

Friedbert S.
I have been struggling with that too but, just set the reminders and commit yourself to it. If this means a lot to you then when you wanna quit remember why you started in the first place
Eduardo J.
for me, i need to make sure 1. that i accept the thoughts and places my mind may wander, and i let them pass, and then i focus back again on my breathing. 2. remember that it is normal especially if you’re just getting into it. and 3. try different meditation! you could go on youtube and find different people or channels that work for you, and start small, with maybe one five minute video when you wake up or before you sleep. don’t stress about i though, let yourself do what is natural in new situations and don’t beat yourself up over it. that will not improve things. hope that helped!! 🙂
Morgan P.
social media makes me struggle to concentrate because i’m wanna know the latest drama or see a new titkok challenge and how i could overcome that is by setting a goal to not be in it so much.
Delia F.
Instead of trying to focus by keeping your mind racing to different thoughts, try focusing on your senses. Close your eyes and focus on what you smell, then what you hear, feel, etc. feeling the senses makes me feel more in the moment and takes my mind to that rather than to the many racing thoughts that I have when I am trying to have an empty mind!
Carlina Z.
Well maybe clear your head by going on like a relax walk first and plug in and listen to soothing sounds and maybe that will clear your mind and you can focus more when you get back home to meditate.
Kavya O.
It's natural that you struggle to focus in meditating when you are doing it for first time. Allow your mind wander then after somedays or sometime it will settle down automatically.
H Lya Q.
I usually listen to a podcast or music or just the audio it gives me but you don’t have to just sit there because meditation is about relaxing and reconnecting with yourself so you could also try yoga
Victor B.
I think a common assumption made about meditation is you have to cancel everything you’re thinking about. That’s not true. It’s almost impossible. But when you find yourself drifting off, focus on the breath. Zone out from your other thoughts, and think about how your body is interacting while meditating. Hope this helps.
Tristan Z.
I think taking a deep breath to begin and setting your intentions prior to meditating would be really helpful. Committing to taking one single deep breath is much easier than committing to many minutes of it and will likely help you prepare for a deeper meditation. It may also help to calm the continuous mental to do list! Setting intentions is also really important because I think it helps prime your brain for what you're about to do, and it gives your mind something to focus on if it does feel the need to wander.
Joseph E.
I to have times where it is hard for me too stay still and focus my mind. However I find that desensitizing myself to my surroundings along with focusing your thoughts on your breath and your body as it is helps creat a sense of mindfulness
Kali O.
The point of meditation is partially to overcome focus issues. It helps you live in the present, and focus on sensations in the present. Naturally, finding focus in meditation is the challenge. Do not be upset if you are struggling with this, try to remember to focus on your breath. I literally say to myself “I am breathing in” while I breath in and “Now I am breathing out” while I breath out.
Jessica P.
I like the candle method. Look at the candle and watch the flame. When you are concentrated on the flame close your eyes and try to imagine the candle in your minds eye. I already liked candles so this helped me.
Sarah Q.
You could try just putting mediating music and turn off all other electronics. You could put you phone on do not disturb so you won’t get distracted. Push yourself and get motivated
Sahar Z.
There is nothing to concentrate on you are simply observing. Watch what comes up and then if you need something to focus on only focus on your breath