How much time do you spend meditating per day?

William C.
Honestly I don't really meditate EVERYDAY I only meditate when I am feeling down and when I am feeling bad and I need sometime alone to repair myself, but as of the actual answer I meditate for 1-15 minutes when I NEED to meditate
Diana J.
10 minutes to an hour, it depends on what my soul needs. I usually find myself getting lost in deeper, longer meditations if I’ve had a stressful day. I do a ‘pre meditation’ to listen to my body, and ask what she needs in the moment.
Janet A.
I normally do a sleep meditation each night, which basically just lasts until I’m asleep, but whenever I do it during the day I just take 5-10 minutes following a meditation and clearing my mind.
Renee T.
I’d say it depends how active your brain is. If you’re on holiday with little to do, you might not need to at all. If you’ve got loads going on in your life, you might do 30 mins 3 times a day.

Let how calm you feel dictate how much you need. If you listen to your mind, it will tell you.

Katrine C.
Actually I only have five minutes of meditation because I don’t have much time to do it but it is the best of the day. It helps me to relax and begin the day amazing!