Are there any other good meditating apps for me to choose? I’m kind of picky when it comes to meditations, and I can’t afford a membership to anything right now, so keep that in mind. Thanks!

Alana E.
Oh definitely! They are everywhere. Even a simple YouTube search will reveal a wealth of free meditations. Jason Stephenson is great on there. Jeremy Falk on Instagram is great to connect with. Also, you can purchase an audible book of meditations that you pay for once and go back to a listen over and over. Move With Morning Meditations for Daily Magic is my fav and Jeremy Falk is on there. That’s how I found out about him. Lastly, Spotify has great meditations. There are also sound bowls audios on Spotify that work to cleanse your mind. Chakra Spins on Instagram is a great sound bowls artist. I hope this bowls you. Meditations Is EVERYTHING! You can create the outcome of your entire day and life with the thoughts you focus first thing in the morning and right before bed at night.
Martina N.
As a free app, I suggest Insight Timer. It has like thousands of meditations from many different teachers so you really can find the right one for you.
When in the future you can get a paid app, however, consider Calm (my favourite also in terms of design and additional features, and it's cheaper than Headspace). Happy meditation! 🙂
Morgan M.
I subscribed to the mindful movement on YouTube. It’s free and they have meditations for everything. There are also playlists on their channel to help you find what you’re looking for.
Lee F.
I’m currently not subscribed to any meditation app, but I have headspace and tide in my phone and I use only their free sessions because I realised I’m always going back to the same few sessions and the free ones are enough for me. If you need more variety, download a few and rotate between the free ones in the different apps! You’ll also slowly realise that you can guide your own meditation and not rely on an app or a teacher.
Perry O.
I personally really enjoy Youper. I don't have a paid account, and I still get all of the great features such as mood tracking, meditations, journaling options, guided breathing, and soothing sound scapes. The app is tailored more toward checking in on yourself, how you're feeling and why you're feeling that way, but that has helped me for meditations too. For example, if I'm feeling anxious, I'll choose a meditation focused on clearing thoughts or quieting the mind. If I'm feeling a little down on myself, I'll do a self-appreciation meditation. If I'm feeling frustrated or like nothing is going my way, I'll choose a gratitude meditation. I really like the guy's voice too and the imagery they help you create especially when you're first learning to meditate.
Paola T.
You can find a lot of free video on youtube, or voices on Spotify. I personally love a video on YouTube but it's in Italian: it's not necessary to have many different videos, the importance, at least to me, is the quality of the voice: I have to like it! I pick the ones with voices that makes me feels good. My favorite video has the possibility to meditate for 10-20-30 minutes. She pause and invite you to stop or to keep on meditating. I'm sure. You can find something similar in your own language. When I started meditate I used to do 10 minutes, in this way I couldn't find excuse to skip it! With time, listening always to the same track, I learned it by heart and I could meditate even without a voice, guiding myself 😉
Damien P.
I think waking up is another good app for meditation, I would suggest also just checking out YouTube there are some great teachers out there with some tutorials that you implement into your practice. I'd suggest Pema Chodron or David Nichtern they were the two that really got me into mediation but there are many other options out there. Even doing a quick google search can come up with some interesting information. Headspace just recently came out with a Netflix series that also is really nice for anybody looking for an introduction to meditation. You may also find a Facebook group were people also share there styles of meditation just but weary to not to caught up in trying different styles and try to find out what works best for you. Good luck and I hope this was helpful!
A J.
Insight timer. It tries to get you to subscribe to use certain features, but the free version is still very useful. A lot of accessible content and customizable meditation timer
Kelya E.
well i have a peloton so i just use their meditations. i believe it is free and you can just make an account but not sure