What should I think about during meditation to improve calmness and increase the duration of the meditation?

Marie J.
Always start with breathing calmly. Focus on that process. Think about what is going on inside of your body at that moment. Feel everything surrounding you. Your leg touching the ground, your hand touching your lap, each and everything that is happening. And then let your mind wander around for a few minutes, listen to the noise around you. Then get back to your breathing, ground yourself. Repeat the process until your mind feel relaxed. End your meditation with being thankful and saying good words to yourself.
Fredi Z.
Try counting breaths up to 10 then from 1 again if you want to be able to meditate longer.
Think about what you feel and perceive around you.
Think of your current surroundings as a conglomeration of senses rather than separate things.
Calisto A.
Ideally during meditation, one lets their thoughts come and go as they please and gently guides oneself back to their breath. Having compassion with oneself as you create a consistent meditation over time lets the meditation increase in duration naturally over time.
Isab U I.
Try some guided meditations from Headspace or Calm. It’s nice to do a body scan, or to anchor your attention to your breath, the sounds around you, or looking gently at an object in front of you. Your attention will wander, and thoughts will arise, but you’ll be able to come back to something stable.
Deann Q.
Meditation is a time to clear your mind. You can set an intention/affirmation like “I am limitless potential” that’s the one I started with at 5 mins is I meditate for 20 mins on a bad day💕 try the meditation and healing YouTube channel
Gabriel U.
What I usually do is focusing on my breath. In and out. Visualising how the air goes into my body reaching all my extremities while breathing in, and how it goes out when breathing out. I’m trying to have no other thoughts. Hope this helps 🙌
Andrea N.
Focus on your breath when your mind gets distracted. Let your thoughts come and go. It is perfectly normal to get lost in thought while meditating, but you don’t want to try to stop thoughts. Try to notice them as they come and go and again use your breath as an anchor.