What is your preferred environment for meditation?

Walaa N.
I really enjoy meditating outdoors, I have a nice garden outside my house so I spend a lot of time in it, just listening to the birds, relaxing & focusing on my breathing, I am planning to do it more often 🦋
Lewis A.
An empty house in the morning with the sounds of birds outside. Failing that, in a secluded outdoor location with trees close enough to hear the breeze through the leaves but open enough to feel the breeze. Perhaps on the side of a hill with trees next to me. With a little more control and confidence any outdoor nature spot with or without people (even in a city) would work but I’m too self conscious and easily distracted right now. Still, the first choices will always be my favourite. You need to feel comfortable in those early stages and reduce distractions other than gentle natural noises which in fact help.