What time do you find it best to meditate?

Marluce E.
Mornings are usually best for me but sometimes this gets interrupted if I sleep in or have an early start.

The mornings I find help me get clarity before the day. While the evenings are good to relax and get myself settled after a big day.

William A.
I have tried different times and I am sure that for me it works better if I do it early in the morning, after I wake up.. There are the less Disruptive Thoughts and this helps me stay focused
Frederick Z.
I like the early morning because I have no one to talk to. I have yet to check my text or social media. So the world is quite and I can listen to my thoughts better.
Nathan Z.
I have been doing both morning and night since starting the Fabulous journey this week. But I’d have to say evening is better.
Carol Z.
Usually right when I wake up. It prepares me for a calm morning that will hopefully bleed into the rest of my day as well. Meditating focuses my attention on what really matters and going into the day with a relaxed mindset makes it easier for me to complete all my other tasks.
Adeodato Y.
I prefer to do it right before bed. I can get into it as I don't have to any work to do afterwards and it help me sleep, so it's a win win!
Joc Lia A.
In the mornings or evenings, before or after the day has started, those are the most calm moments for me. It helps me prepare for either the coming day or night, both of which need some calmness and focus.
Serena Q.
I like to meditate while commuting. It makes the experience grounding and enjoyable rather than a bother. I also love to meditate before bed as I get much better and serene rest.
Leo F.
After I eat a late breakfast, which is in most cases afternoon time. I really enjoy meditating before bed, right after a warm bath or shower.