Negative belief sets are observed in the surrounding social environment, is it possible to improve it with meditation

Ethan E.
While meditating, you can focus on your thoughts and how you are feeling. Even though you might not recognize negativity around you. When you are calm and focused, you can see it. In this way you can work on it to either eradicate it from your life or maybe yourself super calm to learn to live around it without getting affected by it.
Sebastian P.
I think it is. Try the guided meditation on here, there’s also coaching. This is what I’m trying to do to stop negative beliefs good luck
Uilian Z.
You wont change their believes, but you will be more aware of them, therefore you will easily reject them. And in time, surrounding might adopt your point of view 🙂
Naomi X.
I believe it is possible to improve beliefs through meditation. In my experience it is better to meditate more often and for shorter periods than it is to meditate less often and for longer. But that is just my personal experience.
El Onore Q.
Yes research show that after meditation your brain reaches a balanced state and later when get practiced it just balanced and it doesn't show any effect on the positive behaviour of us
Vernon F.
I look at it from the understanding that mind is everything and in turn, everything is mind (mind stuff matter), the 1st hermetic principle that the universe is mental, that everything is conditioned energy. When we observe negative beliefs in the social environment, we are observing that particular conditioned energy which resides within our own mind because if it didn’t reside in our own mind, then we would be unaware of its existence in the outer world. It’s by changing our own mental and emotional perceptions that we change what we see through observation by way of meditation. I’m convinced that when we make a conscious effort to change how we perceive someone or something, that, that person or thing will change to match our new mental emotional impression. I know because I’ve done it. Energy takes the form of which it is being observantly perceived based off of our own impressions and mental emotional conditioning. Enter into the dimension of possibilities through meditation and new things become possible and new perceptions become available and the old falls away unless it is resurrected by our awareness and given form.
Levi E.
Yes. Meditation teaches you that these are just thoughts. Your brain is offering one way to think about a situation. However, you have control over your thoughts, so try to only choose thoughts that serve you. Wishing you all the best on your practice.
Carrie F.
Yes as you become more aware of yourself and decisions that might make you fell bad or negative so when you confront yourself it's way better
Din F.
Yes, I believe it is. Meditation helps me stay more centered and focused on my values. By doing so, it deflates those with negative belief sets by not giving them anything to rail against.
Cristofe F.
Yes meditation can hold the key to allowing what is to be and you also to be, once a direction is set in meditation it is easier to complete tasks that have been set, the negative beliefs which are associated with what surrounds you can only be affected positively with setting a example or just allowing it to be.