What meditation habit do you prefer?

Sherri O.
I am using an app (calm) for my guided meditation but I am planing to explore more options and techniques in the near future.

Aires C.
I prefer guided journeys but still like gaveling then in a shorter time. I do these late and don’t want to take too long before I sleep.

C Cero N.
I like to pray in silence but i also like praying while i get ready for my day because it just makes me think of everything: what im grateful for, what im sorry for, what i need to change, who I want to pray for and why, etc.

Dustin S.
To meditate at least twice per day, in the morning and in the evening. But I am quiet confused about technique what is the best to practice.

R My Y.
Focusing on deep breaths and sensations of the body. The after work meditation session seems like a good time to set work aside and focus on my life outside of work.

Friedemann G.
Mindfulness for anxiety, but if you have some kind of anxiety where you are uneasy about focusing on your body, pick something outside your body. If you're low in energy I would suggest meditations which teach you lessons.

Maria P.
I love to do meditation with my hypnotherapist 🙂 her help allows me to get deeper and deeper and to talk to every side of my being. What about you ?

Raul E.
I feel it's better to meditate in the mornings. I like a variety of meditations, some guided some unguided, depending on how I'm feeling that morning.

Claudia Q.
I like to either lay in bed or sit in whichever position I'm comfortable with at the moment. I focus on my breathing with some controlled breathing exercises. I will then stretch or do some yoga to help release tension. As I'm going through all this I like to keep my head clear by focusing on my breathing and muscles that are in need of stretching. If my mind does wander, which it does every so often, I like to take note of it and go over it with myself afterwards if it's really been clouding my mind. I love to also meditate with a blanket too because it helps comfort me as well as some water to stay hydrated.

Maria W.
I have a lot of different modalities that I rely on. But the most important form of meditation for me is written things aimed at the intellect. Koans is what they are called. This probably technically isn’t considered a meditation practice, but for me, it opens up a space that allows me to very quickly awaken to the perfection of the present moment. Of course, “a finger pointing at the moon is not the moon”… meaning that the koan isn’t “the way or the path”. But it’s a pointer to the practice, and for me, that pointer is a short cut to the juiciest part

Barry X.
I have been using the HEADSPACE app for almost 5 years, love it, look forward to meditation time every day, wherever I am. It offers a lot and variety in “packs, series and various interests to choose from. It also offers a 10 day free trial so you can see if you like it.

Alison E.
I actually prefer the Daily Calm app, and I wish there was a way to link it to Fabulous. I like the wide variety of choices in background music and different style meditations.

Travis O.
I prefer sitting silently in my bed, just before going to sleep. I use aided meditation by hearing a tutorial or meditation guide and try to fall asleep while I’m at it.

S Nia F.
Learning a few types is actually the best way to build it into your life. Personally I like basic vipassana (breathing) for a quick 5 minute meditation, with a body scan being helpful if I want something that lasts 10-15 minutes.

Molly P.
I prefer a guided meditation, and one that focuses on becoming aware of feelings and sensations within the body that I may have not been aware of, through the breath. For example, noticing where you may be holding onto stress, or where in your body you feel something when you focus on a certain thought or idea.

Tony O.
Yoga is an awesome meditation outlet…your mind can be freed of everything and just focusing on the breathing and stretching