What are some ways that can make meditation easier to do? How can I clear my mind to help myself relax?

Carla E.
A away to make meditation easier is to practice continuously and in a place and time you know you wont be disturbed. To clear your mind and help you relax start by just breathing. Long and deep breaths. (Prana breath is also a good exercise). Or try to focus on something. Being "try" the key word. When you unfocus and go back to focus, over and over again, is also meditating. As long as you are aware that you are the way you are(stressed) and intentionally try to change it, with practice and time you will become easiely relaxed. Try to feel your body without moving(be aware of it) is also a good exercise, while meditating, to feel telaxed. If you feel tense somewhere you can correct it and you will feel better and more calm too.