Does anyone find it laborious to accentuate your breathing as you typically do in meditation? I just wonder if it’s something I’m doing differently or if it’s just a discomfort I have to get used to. What are some tips you have for making the experience of focusing on the breath more enjoyable?

Chris N.
The meditation instruction I’ve received generally wants one to allow your breathing to be natural and relaxed. Some instruction I’ve received has breath patterns for different purposes. The practices provided by Fabulous are good. I use an app called stop think and breath. Sam Harris has one called awake and Dan Harris has 10% Happier which are also good but expensive. If meditation hurts you are probably not doing it right. Uncomfortable yes in that you are looking within. Painful no.
Nancy G.
Just focus on how your breathing. Don't focus on whether they're long or short karma how deeply you're breathing in or out. Just notice that your breathing. Notice the rise and fall in your chest and or abdomen. Notice the sensation of the air is it goes into and leaves your nostrils see. There's no wrong way to meditate. Just observe. We tend to be our own worst critics. Meditation is a personal experience there is no goal. Just noticing. I hope this helps.
R N.
Generally no. It's actually quite soothing to take deep breaths and to focus on the breaths. However, when I have severe anxiety, I do find it difficult, even painful. I was also on a medication that causes muscle spasms in the chest, so that was uncomfortable too. But I don't believe it's normal for it to feel uncomfortable on a regular basis. It can't hurt to mention it to a doctor or a nurse. It's probably nothing. Take care 🤍
Gudula T.
I’d say do it on your bed or the place you feel the most comfortable. And try forget about any drama going on around you. And also wear earphones, much better that way.🙂