How can I be more organised and focused? Can I do it with willpower alone? Or are there other techniques/resources that will support me with this aim?

Brand O S.
I can be more organized by utilizing the Faboulous app along with the Pomodoro app and the Evernote app. Make lists, check them off. Start each day the right way and end each night gratefully.
Misty E.
Well, it’s definitely hard to decide that you’ll do it every day. When you’re trying to change your life and do complete Fabulous goals then you have to decide that you will every day do at least 5 things from your list. If you have a goal then you should make yourself to complete it and every day do it until it pass to your habit.
Nikolaj W.
I personally like to use the pomodoro technique. It's a technique that break down a big session of work to many smaller ones. The feeling of small accomplishments will make you more motivated. Start with set a timer for working peroid, usually 25-40 mins, then have a 5-minute breaks in between. Repeat the cycle. You can set the timer yourself or use any of the pomodoro apps out there. I hope this helps, Good luck!
Lina S.
I find the child and the sage exercises have helped me with the constant tug of war between instant gratification and a more complex set of responsibilities(being an adult)while still showing compassion combined with a sense of wellbeing in an increasingly nebulous time of great turmoil with no end game apparent. Sorry for a bit of a rant, but I found Fabulous when I couldn't come to grips with 2016. I recognize that to change a situation sometimes you need to reexamine aspects of yourself basically because I found myself in intense physical pain(partially real, part psychological)but spent most of the year in and out of doctor's offices feeling misdiagnosed and hopeless. Oddly I found the app at about the same time I found an awesome Pain Mgmt doctor. Doing much better now that I feel in some control of life events and hopefully I didn't scare you with such a long winded answer, it's out of character normally but the Fab peeps want a reflective response to help me as well…guess it worked! Good luck with your journey and have fun.
David O.
Yes we should hv to learn some meditation techniques..that will improve our Focus..take help of white noises….which connect us wd nature..of course we natural power…it connect wd reality which develope silently a realistic approach…it helps 2 cool nd boost our mind…
Christina Y.
Willpower is really improtant but there are also methods for this . For instance, you can try to reward yourself . It works like a miracle ! In time , your brain will say "oh i should do it".I started new habits and i kept them with rewarding system . Somehow my brain is celebrating what I'm doing even if i stop rewarding myself! Believe in yourself and spoil yourself in this journey!
Roselei Q.
I am not sure. My method is; l try to focus and do it all. But l am not success all time. Only drinking water all night and morning, did it everyday for 2 mounts. I think so that’s my routine from now on. To focus meditating, if you try to do it everyday, you can easily focus and mediate. My experience was like that and will try everyday and every my space time..
Delores P.
Try this book "365 days with self-discipline" by Martin meadows. I got it on It contains amazingly helpful practical suggestions about achieving your goals. It is very important to have a very clear goal/aim in life may it be small or big, but something you are very certain of – focus all your attention and energies and time on achieving it. Also meditation app "Headspace" (also a yearly subscription but you can try a few sessions for free without having to subscribe) has a 30 session course on Focus which I am doing right now.
Julie Z.
I used to always be on the lookout for any organisation hacks or ideas to implement but nothing really stuck until I learnt a full system of organisation instead or parts of a system. When I learnt GTD (Getting Things Done) by David Allen I haven’t looked any further. It will take discipline and time to implement and get running but totally worth it.
Miguel P.
Journaling helps tremendously. Keeping track of goals, progress and achievements- as well as the smaller steps and stages to hit in your journey
Jadiara N.
I would certainly not recommend relying on willpower alone to become more organized and focused. Willpower will help but you need other methods and techniques that you can rely on when you're willpower falters. I recommend a daily reminder of your goal (in this case, being more organized and focused) and a routine that you associate with your goal. Start small and eventually the small wins will result in you becoming more organized or achieving whatever goal that you choose. Create a good environment in which it is easy for you to complete your routine each day and stay positive. Remind yourself that you can achieve any goal you set your mind to with the proper mindset and effort. Don't forget to reward yourself for achieving even small milestones. This will help reinforce your new routine and help you become the person you want to be!
Bessie Q.
Organized: deside what is the type and level of organization you need, for what, what would give you a sense of satisfaction, break that down into tiny steps and reach one by one, reflecting upon success. Focused: put it earplugs/headphones, open the file and write anything, your mail is closed and phone away silent.
Tony A.
Try writing down your goals, journalling your accomplishments against these goals every evening and meditation is brilliant for focus.