How do you meditate with your eyes open, while focusing on a picture?

Justin Z.
I prefer to meditate with my eyes closed so there are less distractions.
I love to put on some low vibe music, find a place to sit that's cool and quiet, I also love being outside on the grass, grounded to Papatuanuku with the sounds of nature around me, close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax into a deep state.
Daniel W.
Hi I tend to meditate with my eyes closed but when I have to do it with my eyes open I try and focus on one spot. The objective of meditation for me is to be present in the moment and not think of the future or dwell on the past
Selmo S.
I use an app called mindfulness along with the accompanying book.
I also use Tara brach s websitr guided meditations and I lay on my made bed and close my eyes. I do this as part of my morning routine I’ve just started.
Rom Z.
I meditate sitting on a chair, with my back straight as possible without being uncomfortable , my hands folded in my lab. I begin by focusIng first on something beautiful in front of me, like the view from my window or a burning candle, than I take a few calming breaths and close my eyes for the rest of the meditation 🧘‍♀️.
Emily O.
I usually meditate with my eyes closed so I can have the feeling that I’m there in that place and feel free in my own world.