What to do with the thoughts that come during meditation how to let them go?

Mickelle O.
If you are having a hard time trying to meditate maybe you should try changing some things and your environment like turning the lights down or playing some soft music or ocean waves or something to prepare you for your meditation close your eyes imagine you are in the most beautiful place ever here on Earth like an ocean beach or mountain top the most important thing about meditation is your breathing you want to slow your breathing down whatever you are having racing thoughts try to slow down your breathing by taking a deep breath in slowly for 4 seconds hold it for as long as you can then exhale slowly for 5 seconds
Alexa E.
In my case, I observe them knowing they are products of my mind. I don't dwell or elaborate on them. I let them come and go however they want. And I come back to focusing on the feeling of my breath when I notice I was distracted. Everytime. Some people like to imagine their thoughts are clouds passing by. Working with that analogy works, too.
Ami Z.
The best way to deal with thought is to observe it. When a thought appear tell yourself that a thought is coming. After that, try to see if this is a negative or positive thoughts and say to your self: I can see a negative/positive thought rising. When it disappear, note to yourself that a thought is vanishing. Have a great day! đź‘Ť
Febriana S.
Let the thoughts pass. They won’t disturb your meditation as long as you don’t stop and follow them up. If they keep disturbing you, ask yourself, what you’ve been thinking lately. Maybe you need to reach into yourself deeper to resolve the issue. It is also the part of meditation.
Ad Rio Q.
Tey ro just let them pass through then refocus on breathing. You can also write them down if they're interfering too much. You could try meditating with your eyes open too if breathing is too hard to focus on. I think candles are used traditionally to focus on during meditation