What meditation do you find most beneficial for you?

Lo C Y.
I search for what I need on you tube. Sometimes it’s a gratitude meditation or something it’s a morning meditation Generally it is one that allows you to focus on your breathing and clear your thoughts to focus on your day.
Lucas F.
In the morning, a short energizing meditation that lasts from 5 to 10 minutes – just enough time to get motivated for the day ahead! At night, a longer meditation- such as the body scan for relaxation or a twenty minute guided breathing meditation to calm my thoughts for bed.
Brandon A.
I call it thought control meditation. I usually try to focus my mind on the point of breathing in and out, trying as hard as I can to keep my mind off from the habital human weaving thoughts
Justin P.
I like guided meditation but with less talking… I also like deep meditation with no talking but instructions, so to speak on what to focus on or how, etc
Carmen U.
Guided meditation is more beneficial to me because it helps me with distractions. I’d love to do more of a mindfulness meditation one day, but there’s currently too much noise in my head to even attempt a mindfulness approach
Ringo F.
I have been Meditating for a year. The apps are good. I have almost tried them all. I also tried Chakra’s meditation and balancing. It was very interesting. I was gripped by it. Eventually what I figured was, the authenticity of these sessions (guided meditation) diminishes over time. Which is why I learned self-hypnosis. In this, I am the one controlling my meditation and altering it as per my needs. I highly recommend this.
Krin U.
I use the Calm app. I do 10minute meditations most often and sometimes I’ll do two 10-min sessions if I have time and feel the need