How do you incorporate the things you learn through meditation in your everyday life?

Alma Johnston
Meditation helped me relax, and be more aware of my surroundings. Also, to appreciate the little things and to build my self discipline.

Nicholas Simpson
The only way I know how to incorporate my learnings from meditation is by practice practice practice and also realising we will make mistakes and going back and thinking OK yeah I made a mistake I'm human what did I learn here

Dustin Steward
By meditating you learn to focus. When facing daily decisions you can focus on your decisions without rushing into it. It will be more clear and you will make a better decision.

Grace Lopez
Meditation has made me more aware of myself and my surroundings. I find that I can anticipate when pain will happen and begin working on a solution which oftentimes includes meditation. It’s a full circle that I know is closed.

Kristin Clark
At first, you may be thinking how can meditation translate to real life? We just sit in silence and attempt to navigate our thoughts if not just relish in the silence itself. At first, I didn't think it would help, but I realized after a few consistent rituals of meditation, I have become slightly more mindful of my activities and surroundings. These moments felt like I took myself out of my head for a few seconds and applied awareness enters while I tend to my activities or to-dos throughout the day. I have noticed my awareness being translated to my body, and therefore, has made me remember not to resist my body experiences.

Jade Mercier
When I breathe I try to concentrate on my inhale and exhale and the fact that how precious life is. It reminds me of the value of being, existing…
Throughout the day I'll have myself remember what an extraordinary chance I have had to be alive one more day and it shouldn't just be taken for granted. Each day will never come back.

Lucas or luke Lopez
I try to use it to not let small things bother me – like not getting responses from others quickly – and to remind me to stay in the moment more often than not.

Enora Fleury
Learning through meditation is not the same as book learning- you don’t consciously incorporate- it changes you over time- good meditation expands the radius of your love.

Jeff Gregory
Hello, Everything I’m nervous or anxious I remember I can change my mood if I can control my breathing. So I start inhaling in 4 seconds, hold my breath 4 seconds, exhale in 4 seconds and keep without air for 4 seconds. In the beginning it feels like you’re gonna get worse but after 3 or 4 times you start calming down. It’s not an esoteric thing or some thing (I’m not religious), it’s your body. Because your body is perfect.