What time of day would you recommend for meditating?

Domenica C.
Any time really but I usually do it after excercising and talking a shower or before going to bed, it helps me sleep better sometimes
Bertolino N.
I think the end of the day is ideal because it gives me the chance to reflect on the day and destress before it's time to sleep.
Daniel G.
I recommend early morning before all sort of distractions start. I do meditate around 4:00am. It is mostly peaceful. If you intentionally want to build your equanimity muscle, you can do it anytime with all the distractions.
Halima B.
I would recommend a time where you usually have your own space like once you wake up or before you sleep, because in between we are always rush in life and we don’t have the time / connection for such so
Nurkamilia U.
The late afternoon, most of us come home from work and have all of the stress of the day in our minds. Meditation in the afternoon helps us de-stress and let bygones be bygones.
Stanitsa V.
I usually meditate in the morning to set myself for the day ahead. If you have trouble falling asleep you can meditate in bed to relax and soothe your mind. There's an app called "Calm" and they have a wide range of guided meditations.
Ahren N.
I would recommend meditation during the morning, right before starting any other thing that requires logical thinking or any emotional interaction. Right before you meet anyone else that day, seems like the perfect moment to meditate and learn the first self-discipline of the day.

Practice the dealing with emotions with yourself first, then you’ll be able to be your most genuine self with others… also yourself, again.

Felix B.
First thing in the morning as soon as you wake up when you are still connected to your subconscious. However, anytime of day is a good time to meditate. Anytime.