What sorts of meditation do you find most helpful?

Darliane P.
I'm a beginner so I find guided visualised meditation the most helpful. It allows me to focus on new ideas and concepts in a more relaxed way
Rita Q.
In eerste instantie zou ik zeggen de combinatie, maar
Denken en opschrijven en terug lezen is fijn qua bewust zijn en resultaat
Laura W.
Hi, depends on how much time I have. Usually in the morning I meditate for max 15 minutes and I prefer “body scanner”, in the evening I meditate longer and quieter and I prefer “inner scanner” meditation.
Judy N.
I like to meditate more in the evening not guided I like silence and just to relax and I love to have the Bell when I'm going to bed very piano is and with birds and the Crickets with a bell every once in a while so that when I'm in a deep meditation the Bell gives me time to separate my images
Lo S Y.
Meditation focused on the breath is some of the most effective for me. Just breathing deeply and slowing down your breathing is extremely helpful. I find it difficult to meditate when an instructor is talking nonstop about something that requires a lot of active thought – which happens in at least half the meditations in this app. Also, I find that meditation is a great way to get to sleep, especially when your mind is very active.
L Ane O.
I like sitting quietly and breathing meditating in the morning . I like meditating surrounded by natural sounds and greenery .
Cid Lia S.
I do breating exercises, every morning I follow mindfulness meditation sessions in the Calm app. Whenever the urge to smoke rises, I hit the breathing section of the app
Lily U.
Well I am just starting
To get into meditation, I haven’t really focused on different types. I love motivating meditation when I have a guided voice it is so helpful and starts my day on the right foot❗️
Jack X.
The most simplest meditation is the best mediation. The simplicity of just breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth.. and the relieving effect it can have. It can really do wonders if you stick to it. Habit is key.
Bertram Z.
I use the calm app, it gives a daily meditation of ten minutes and also has sleep stories, longer meditations and healthy living master classes. I definitely recommend it.